Over Two Million Refugees Flee From Syria

The UN is a corrupt and inept bureaucracy with no oversight or responsibility. They are so ham-fisted they would fail a peacekeeping pursuit for Lancaster County Pennsylvania (Home of the Amish.). Besides their unaccountability and secrecy, their next biggest problem is their morally superior, non-judgmental policy of admitting tyrannical members. They idealistically hope that policy will help these countries transcend tyranny and grow into democracy. But the reality is that it only serves to protect and bolster these brutal regimes.

Food assistance programs run by the UN World Food Programme (WFP) and UNICEF barely receive any funding. The world Food Programme is attempting to run an enormous safety net operation to achieve about 1st.8 million Yemen is with a food ration. High food prices place a major stress on families in Yemen who live off less than 2 dollars a date.

The referenced document was entered into the Congressional Record (appendix pp. A34-A35, January 10th, 1963), by Person. A.S. Hurlong, Jr. of Florida. Morrison a pardon congressman any Democrat, prior to that party was subverted by sites like Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi.

According to Shahin Gerami, professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at Southwest Missouri State University, in Muslim Middle-Eastern countries Iran, Yemen, Jordan and north korea usa news women do not typically change their last names with marriage.

The Ough.S. has been relying on Swedish diplomats in Pyongyang to deal with the Bae issue because North Korea and the U.S. haven’t had diplomatic relations in the 1953 ceasefire that ended the Korean War. Rodman apparently thinks he can discover a solution for the U.S.-North Korea tensions.

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