Iran, $10 Gas, And World War 3

The book of Ezekiel is an “end time” prophecy. Ezekiel 5:12 lets us know what we can expect in the future. “A third part of thee shall die with the pestilence, and with famine shall they be consumed among thee: and one third part shall fall by the sword round about thee; and I will scatter a third part into all the winds, and I will draw out a sword after them”. A frightening verse to say the actual.

Excellant predicament. But if he truly believes that, then why aren’t we planning an attack on the Al Qaeda fighters in the Benghazi Al Qaeda terrorist training camp, instead of syria vs lebanon? Al Qaeda has, is, and a threat to nation as long as they and we exist. And considering the very fact the president has done little or free to stem Iran from developing nuclear weapons, his statement is facetious at best and dishonest at worst.

Since the battle of Kabul, bin Laden and his lieutenants have released several videotapes stating in a nutshell, that he’s not dead and urging sympathizers in order to out and do things that bin Laden taught the kids. In September 2004, Bin Laden lieutenant Zawahiri released a tape threatening countries who had contributed troops to the war in Irak. On the tape, he encouraged Al Qaeda followers around the earth to start an offensive and fomented support for that movement by suggesting how the American, English, French, Jewish, Hungarian, Polish, and South Korean forces at war in Iraq would soon invade Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen, and Algeria.

In an effort to gain some involving cultural relevance and current event credibility, the lead song along the album is titled “World War .” While this is also the title with the Snoop Dogg song (he really should sue), a lot more lyrical content has absolutely nothing to do at a time precarious state of world affairs in hot spots like North Korea and Iran. It is dependant on pissing off your ex girlfriend. “Yeah! Whoo! Tonight I walked into the bedroom, Most likely visibly nauseous. Tellin’ Me I made a tough move. Having said that i didn’t do nothing at all.” That’s right Joe Jonas. You didn’t do nothing at all. Nothing but sing this song in a very odious nasal tone that even Fran Drescher found it utterly nerve-racking.

Things worsened under the reign of Emperor Caligula. He demanded that the Jews erect an picture of him planet Temple. Only his somewhat timely death prevented a violent potential fight.

Pulitzer prizing winning journalist Horwitz uses humor and candor to literally follow in the footsteps for this first American explorers-from the Vikings and French utopians to America’s first African-American trailblazer-whose discoveries took place hundreds of years to the mythical landing on Plymouth Rock.

Drill sergeants everywhere will screaming that that isn’t how you possess a gun you’re heading fire: tough but are safety glasses on the executioner truly cute touch, aren’t these products?